Pain, Tears and Tablets

Pain, Tears and Tablets

so my first post isn’t going to be the best post ever. I was so excited to get set up on my blog and then at the weekend I was hit with severe back pain to the point were i couldn’t move yesterday, couldn’t get out of bed after only laying there for an hour.

SO basically I twinged my back last week when i was suffering from bit of a cold and tonsillitis which ended up in my chest so I was coughing and even though I’ve stopped coughing now but back still felt a bit fragile and then i did a stupid thing … I sat on a bean bag on Sunday morning and then just pain, pain and more pain, could barely move. but the stress of it all made me very tearful and I tensed up and of course made it worse.. 😦 I couldn’t get comfortable on the chair, standing up or laying down but after laying down I couldn’t get back up even if i wanted to. I text my sister who then came to the rescue as my Partner didn’t know what to do with me I was hysterically crying. she came to the rescue with some anti-inflammatory tablets and some strong pain meds which did help so that i could get up, go to the little girls room and eat. however though i can still move today I am still very uncomfortable. I’ve booked an appointment for an chiropractor tomorrow at 2PM but I honestly dont know what to do till then.. BASICALLY, NOTE TO SELF, IF YOUR BACK FEELS FRAGILE, DO NOT SIT ON A BEAN BAG!

Anyone have any tricks they can give me ??

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